Why Zia-ul-Huda Website



Zia ul huda is a valuable organisation for any kind of Islamic information. Every Organisation needs to break down geographical boundaries and thus our Zia ul huda’s website plays a crucial role in enabling this, with our main aim being ‘rectification of beliefs, spreading love and peace’.

It is a source of information, can host self-learning courses, contain various offline and online learning resources and much more. Social media is the unique and the best way possible to get connected with the world, as everything is online, this website provides all you need for your faith and belief, at your finger tips.

We have created this website to spread knowledge of islam, through our top notch lecturers who has really great experience about the Islamic jurisprudence, and are well versed with their respective fields, thus providing the best of knowledge at no cost.

We are here to get connected with as many people as we can, and trying to teach them the aqeeda, fikh of Ahlus Sunnat wal jama’at as we feel this is very important to make people understand and preserve the true beliefs around the globe.

Our main aim is to spread the message

‘ختم نبوت ناموس رسالت’

Come and join our team, and let’s walk together towards jannah by attaining true love of Allah and our Prophet Rasool’Allah ‎ﷺ